April’s virtue is Acceptance.

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There was no definite homework assignment this week.  Instead, students know that their “science text” based on electricity/ energy conservation ideas should be ready to share with the class on Monday. Students have had a lot of class time to work on their media text, writing and what they will say to the class.  Students have had an opportunity to get feedback from me about how to move forward and make improvements to show more detailed knowledge and understanding about electricity and energy conservation. They may have brought home work to finish for this task. Everybody should be ready for Monday.

Lunchbox orders for the week are due by Sunday at noon; this week, Booster Juice is available on Tuesday.

Day of Pink is a student started initiative to raise awareness about bullying behaviour. Students are encouraged to wear a pink shirt or other pink items on Wednesday, April 11. 

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What is the Day of Pink?

April 11, 2018 marks the International Day of Pink. It is a day where communities across the country, and across the world, can unite in celebrating diversity and raising awareness to stop homophobia, transphobia, transmisogyny, and all forms of bullying.

The International Day of Pink was started in Nova Scotia when 2 straight high school students saw a gay student wearing a pink shirt being bullied. The 2 students intervened, but wanted to do more to prevent homophobic & transphobic bullying. They decided to purchase pink shirts, and a few days later got everyone at school to arrive wearing pink, standing in solidarity. The result was that an entire school took a stand and began working together to prevent homophobic & transphobic bullying.

The message was clear: anyone can bully, any can be victimized by bullying, but together we can stop it. Each year on the second Wednesday of April, millions of people wear pink and take a stand. The Day of Pink is a symbol, a spark, that empowers and inspires youth across Canada to create amazing social change!

Math: We will be consolidating work about 2D shapes, triangles and quadrilaterals, and moving into 3D shapes, identifying differences between prisms and pyramids, identifying faces, edges and vertices, and constructing 3D shapes and drawing them.

Language/ Social Studies: Students have ranked Kenneth Oppel books they’d like to read, and will start this week. They will have a month to read their book (or books if they’d like to read more!)  They will have time in class but will need to be reading at home as well.

We also continue reading A Long Road Home, and learning about the conflict in Kosovo and Serbia, as part of our social studies work about migrations, and connections with different countries.


April’s Virtue is Acceptance.

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Some important dates and information:

Intermediate Swim Team:  Grade 6 students who are interested in participating need to have an athletics form filled out and signed by a parent (Must be a new one from the fall. Students who have tried out for basketball just need a parent initial next to “swim team” that you can add to the form).  The meet is on May 2.

Canadian author Kenneth Oppel will be visiting Greenleaf in April! A big thank-you to parent council for funding his visit.  If students wish, they can preorder his books at a significant discount. Orders are due on Thursday, April 5, with cash or cheque payment.  Kenneth Oppel will bring them when he visits the school on April 17.  He will sign any bought or brought copies of his books on the day of his visit.

Lunch box orders for Swiss Chalet and Booster Juice (alternating weeks, on Fridays and Tuesdays, respectively) can be made at Lunchboxorders.com.  As I found out, orders must be completed by noon on Sunday for orders for that week.

There was no homework assigned this week. 

Jump Rope for Heart: Kick off Assembly is Thursday this week. Students will receive donation envelopes and instructions for collecting online donations. For families who wish to collect donations for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, donations are due back on Event Day, May 4. 

Curriculum: we will continue with work discussed in previous posts.

Math: drawing quadrilaterals, as well as triangles using compasses, protractors and rulers.

Science Texts: must be finished this week. Students will receive class time this week, and should be prepared to discuss what they created next week.

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend!


March’s virtue is Responsibility.

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This week:

Skating: The last session is Friday.  Students attending will be out of school from about 9:30- 11:30 a.m.  Students not skating will have an altered timetable during that time.  A reminder that students need to have an approved helmet and also hand coverings (mittens, gloves) to skate. Skating equipment needs to be in a cloth bag.

Homework Task: Due Thursday  Students received a sheet describing the task, with a chart to fill in. They have been asked to think about what three things they would take if they had to leave their home in five minutes, and why they would choose those things. They should be asking family members as well, and filling in responses in the chart on the sheet they were given.  We will use these ideas in class on Thursday. Students will have time to discuss their ideas in small groups and with the class.  They are welcome to bring in some of the items, with your permission of course!

Science Text: students received time last week to work on their Media text discussing a science topic or issue inspired by our Ecohouse trip or electricity work.  Some students are making models, and are reminded to bring in any items that they may need.

Agenda: Students received test marks last week, and were reminded to make sure parents signed their agenda last week. I’ll check agendas again this week.

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Math: We will have a math quiz about angles and 2D shapes on Wednesday.  This will include measuring and identifying angles, describing and sorting polygons according to their attributes (angles, side lengths, parallel sides, number or sides, type of polygon, type of quadrilateral etc) and drawing quadrilaterals.

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Lunchbox Orders for Booster Juice and Swiss Chalet: First week’s orders are due April 1.  Students received a purple note last week, or you can find out more about this new ordering platform here.  If interested, these new food options will be offered on alternate weeks; orders can be placed online and changed as needed up to the weekend before.

Enjoy the upcoming four day weekend- no school on Friday and Monday. Students will be back on Tuesday.

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I hope everyone had some time during March Break to enjoy some family time and recharge some batteries. The students and I will continue with some work started before the break.  There was no assigned homework task over the break.

March’s Virtue is Responsibility.

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Speeches: There are a few speeches that have not yet been presented. These will happen this week. Students who haven’t finished or were absent will need to spend some time at home catching up so they can present this week.


We worked on identifying angles as well as measuring and drawing angles before the break. We will use this work to draw 2D shapes, and follow instructions to draw named quadrilaterals and triangles, using rulers, protractors and compasses (for triangles) when necessary.  This work will lead us to more Geometry about 2D and 3D shapes. The class is also learning about symmetry, rotations, and transformations of 2D shapes (translations, reflections and rotations).

Having reviewed addition and subtraction before the break, we will be looking at multiplication algorithms (pencil and paper methods) as well as word problems that can be solved using multiplication (Grade 6 expectations: 3 digit by 2 digit numbers, like 345 x 76). Of course, knowing timestables will help students with accuracy! Students can continue to review timestables at home.  There are many sites that you can look up that are like online flashcards.

SS/ Language: 

We will be reading together a narrative that links to the Social Studies curriculum: Canada’s interactions with the global community.  We will relate reading to the social studies inquiry process to investigate some global issues of political, social, economic, and/or environmental importance, their impact on the global community, and responses to the issues.  Students can also choose a novel to read to learn more about a global issue through historical and realistic fiction. Our goal will be to interact with the texts we read by questioning, making connections to personal knowledge, experiences, other texts we’ve seen, read or listened to, and find out more about the issues and events to share with the class and small groups to enhance our understanding of the texts we will read.

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March’s virtue is Responsibility.

Next week:


Friday is Beach Day! Students are invited to wear beach items to school to celebrate March Break- going away or waiting for warmer climates.


Line graphs and letter due Monday:  Finish line graphs about the temperature in Room 19.  Students have received a yellow instruction sheet, as well as time in class to work on this task, including making a graph, finding averages, and writing a letter.  Unfinished work should be completed and brought in on Monday.  I believe most students should be almost finished this task, especially if they strive to practise purposefulness in class.

Speech drafts due Tuesday: Students should finish their drafts for their speeches.  Some students also need to gather research for their topics.  Every speech needs to have some researched information (at least 10 percent).  The topics could be persuasive and informative, or persuasive and entertaining.  We have had time every day this week for research and planning, and some students have finished that to begin drafting their speech. Students will present their speech to the class before or after March Break.

Science: Trip to Eco House  Next week students will have an opportunity to create a media text highlighting one of the ideas presented to us, or inspired by an activity or display at Ecohouse, making links to how energy is created, used or conservation of energy.


Grade 8 students are allowing students to preorder items for Friday’s bake sale on Monday and Tuesday at breaks.  Items will cost between one and two dollars. Students can preorder their items by paying in advance, and they will be available on Friday. Proceeds support Grade 8 charitable entrepreneurial projects.

Enjoy March Break- March 12-16

February’s Virtue is Friendliness.

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EcoHouse Trip on Wednesday: trip forms and payments are due on Monday- tomorrow!  On Wednesday, students need to be dressed for about 30 minutes of outdoor weather.  We will be leaving after first break, at 11:30, and coming back to school about 2:30. We will eat again when we return.  Students are asked to have a filling breakfast and first lunch.

Homework this week: Students did not receive a set assignment last week. This week we will be working on a persuasive speech. While students will have sometime in class, they may need to complete some research and writing at home. Speeches will be presented to class next week.

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Please return the white binder portfolios, report envelopes and signed pages of the report. Thanks for the ones I’ve received already! 

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Language:  Speeches  (writing, reading, oral communication)

Students who wish to compete in the school competition will be presenting by Tuesday, March 6.  The school finals will be on Wednesday, March 7, where one student in grade 4-6 will be chosen to represent Greenleaf at the next level of competition in the Board’s Oral Communication Festival.


  • Math Test: Data Management Test on Tuesday.  There are questions relating to data management on Prodigy for students who would like more practice.
  • Next, we will be looking at pencil and paper methods for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, and deciding which operation to use in a word problem.
  • We will also be exploring angles and using a protractor.


  • Students will be asked to create a media text that will highlight main ideas of energy conservation ideas that we explored on our trip.
  • Students will have an open book/ duotang science test on Thursday.  The notes students will be using are from work completed in class.

PA Day on Friday, March 2.

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February’s Virtue is Friendliness.

This week:

Monday, February 19: Enjoy Family Day and the long weekend!

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Trip Forms to visit EcoHouse will be given out to students on Tuesday. Please return trip forms and payment (Schools Cash online preferred) by Monday, February 26. We will be visiting on Wednesday February 28.  Cost (including transportation and admission) is $12.  This trip will finish our work about Electricity. Please indicate if you can accompany us on our trip.

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Homework due Friday, February 23. Task: to find a graph related to a topic of interest (google images provides a lot of options!) and make three statements about the graph.  These statements should be about what the data actually shows, by reading the graph. I have shared a google slide with students.  More detailed instructions are in the first three slides, including an example.  We looked at these slides together in class on Friday.  Students without access at home can come in at breaks to complete their homework.

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Please return the white binder portfolio of your child‘s work as well as the report card envelope and signed portion.  


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  • Skating: reminder that students need an approved helmet and mittens or gloves for skating. Some students might like to bring a reusable water bottle with their skating items. We will have lunch when students return.
  • Beavertails will be served for students who ordered.
  • Canada Day: Red and White Day! 
  • Spectator Ads: A newspaper will be sent home on Friday, featuring our class’s winner, and pictures of some or all of the students in our class.  Congratulations to Wyatt, the winner chosen by our client, Attridge.

February’s virtue is Friendliness.






Important Information for this week:

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  • Spring Rolls: order now for $1 on Monday  (online ordering available now!) to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Pre-ordered spring rolls will be delivered on Friday.
  • Beavertails: preorder online to enjoy a cinnamon sugar beavertail on the next Skating Day (Friday, February 23)

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  • Candygrams: on sale for 50 cents, Monday and Tuesday at breaks, to be delivered on Valentine’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day Dance: Wednesday period 5 and 6. Canned food donations appreciated!

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  • Homework Task: plan and write a 2-3 paragraph mini speech related to the Olympics. Students have an instruction sheet with some suggested ideas and success criteria for writing and speaking.  There is a planning sheet on the back.  Students will present to me, individually, in small groups or to the class, depending on their comfort level. Planning: Due Wednesday, Speaking and Writing due Friday.

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  • Pancake Tuesday: We will look at procedural writing on Monday, and use our writing to make pancakes on Tuesday.

  • Report Cards will be sent home Tuesday. Watch for a white binder of your child’s main assessments this term.  Please look through the work, and send back the binder and work. It will be fun to look at our work in June to see growth and progress! Please send back the report card envelope and signed portions of the report card as well.

Curriculum for the next few weeks:


  • Procedural Writing: related to pancakes (writing and reading- following what we wrote!) We began some of this style of writing with electricity experiments.
  • Reading Assessment: we will complete DRA and send home results soon.
  • Oral Communication: speaking. Students will speak about the Olympics (see homework note above). We will practise speaking with effective expression, pacing, emphasis, volume and fluency, as well as writing organized, interesting and coherent speeches for different purposes. We will continue to practise speaking until March Break. Interested students can be considered for the Oral Communications Festival. The school finals will be on March 7. One interested student from our class will speak at the school final.
  • Silver Birch Reading: Interested students can read some of the ten final novels. Students will have an opportunity to vote for the winning novel for this award which is given by student vote. I have school library and public library books available for students in 6A and 6B to borrow until mid April. Students need to have read at least five of the ten books to vote.

Math:  Data Management– delving further into making graphs

  • We will be making a triple bar graph using the results of the electricity survey students completed with you.
  • We will be making line graphs, looking at the temperature of our classroom lately. Students will be deciding if mean, median and mode is appropriate to summarizing the temperature of our room, other classrooms and outside temperatures, according to the Weather Network.
  • looking at graphs and reading the data in the graph

Science: Electricity– looking at

  • Time of Use and energy conservation
  • different ways to create electricity
  •  safety

We enjoyed exploring with hands on activities and the Scientists in Schools workshop. Thanks to Parent Council for funding the workshop!

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This week:

  • Homework due Thursday. Students have a survey to conduct with you about electricity habits that we will use in science and in math; we will create graphs and analyze the results.
  • Ski Trip to Moonstone: Tuesday  There will be classes together for students who are not attending. I will leave work for students who will be with Ms. Urfey’s class on an altered timetable.
  • Spectator Media Ads Competition our deadlines are extended until later this week. I’ll drop them off at the Spectator later this week.
  • Greenleaf Winter Olympics: Friday, Periods 3 and 4.  Students will be outside and need to dress warmly with full waterproof gear for activities in the snow.

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Upcoming: details to follow

  • February 14: Valentine’s Day dance period 5/6
  • February 16: Chinese Spring Rolls
  • February 19: Family Day
  • February 23: Skating, Spirit Day: Canada Day, wear red and white, Beavertails

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January’s virtue is Excellence.

We had a great time skating on Thursday! We’re looking forward to the February and March dates.

This week:

Book donations needed: Please send in by Tuesday any reading books (fiction or non fiction)  appropriate for Kindergarten to grade 8 students that you wish to donate to Greenleaf’s book sale.  Proceeds will go to literacy charity initiatives.

Booksale: Wednesday, January 31 Further details will be provided to students this week.

Thursday, February 1:

  • Pajama Day
  • DEAR: Drop Everything And Read- Students can bring in reading material (e.g. Books, comic books, magazines, gaming manuals, etc) to read on their own or with others.  I’d prefer !non-electronic reading material, unless it’s on Kobo, Kindle, or other e-reader (so for reading only).
  • Hot chocolate and cookies, made by Student Council, will be on sale.
  • Homework due (see below in Language for details)



  • continued work on area, focusing on area of triangles, word problems and EQAO practice problems
  • continued work with averages
  • graphing: bar graphs and line graphs
  • Math quiz on Friday: area of parallelograms and triangles, mean, median, mode, reading graphs

Science: continued investigations with electricity materials (static electricity, bulbs, wires, batteries, buzzers, doorbells- a student favourite…)


  • We will work on our media ads for the Hamilton Spectator, which are due next Monday
  • Students should be reading their “reading buddy book” – a book with multiple copies they chose to read with friends
  • Homework: Due by Thursday, February 1.  I have made many comments on students Biodiversity Reports, which they typed in google docs. Their homework task is to read my comments and make edits and revisions, perhaps even finishing writing and researching further to add more details. Students without access at home to a computer are welcome to arrange time at break to complete their homework- but before Thursday.
  • I’m looking forward to reading the science fiction stories from last week’s homework. Students worked in groups to provide feedback on Thursday afternoon.