Week of March 5

Sunday, March 4, 2018

March’s virtue is Responsibility.

Next week:


Friday is Beach Day! Students are invited to wear beach items to school to celebrate March Break- going away or waiting for warmer climates.


Line graphs and letter due Monday:  Finish line graphs about the temperature in Room 19.  Students have received a yellow instruction sheet, as well as time in class to work on this task, including making a graph, finding averages, and writing a letter.  Unfinished work should be completed and brought in on Monday.  I believe most students should be almost finished this task, especially if they strive to practise purposefulness in class.

Speech drafts due Tuesday: Students should finish their drafts for their speeches.  Some students also need to gather research for their topics.  Every speech needs to have some researched information (at least 10 percent).  The topics could be persuasive and informative, or persuasive and entertaining.  We have had time every day this week for research and planning, and some students have finished that to begin drafting their speech. Students will present their speech to the class before or after March Break.

Science: Trip to Eco House  Next week students will have an opportunity to create a media text highlighting one of the ideas presented to us, or inspired by an activity or display at Ecohouse, making links to how energy is created, used or conservation of energy.


Grade 8 students are allowing students to preorder items for Friday’s bake sale on Monday and Tuesday at breaks.  Items will cost between one and two dollars. Students can preorder their items by paying in advance, and they will be available on Friday. Proceeds support Grade 8 charitable entrepreneurial projects.

Enjoy March Break- March 12-16