Week of February 26

Sunday, February 25, 2018

February’s Virtue is Friendliness.

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EcoHouse Trip on Wednesday: trip forms and payments are due on Monday- tomorrow!  On Wednesday, students need to be dressed for about 30 minutes of outdoor weather.  We will be leaving after first break, at 11:30, and coming back to school about 2:30. We will eat again when we return.  Students are asked to have a filling breakfast and first lunch.

Homework this week: Students did not receive a set assignment last week. This week we will be working on a persuasive speech. While students will have sometime in class, they may need to complete some research and writing at home. Speeches will be presented to class next week.

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Please return the white binder portfolios, report envelopes and signed pages of the report. Thanks for the ones I’ve received already! 

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Language:  Speeches  (writing, reading, oral communication)

Students who wish to compete in the school competition will be presenting by Tuesday, March 6.  The school finals will be on Wednesday, March 7, where one student in grade 4-6 will be chosen to represent Greenleaf at the next level of competition in the Board’s Oral Communication Festival.


  • Math Test: Data Management Test on Tuesday.  There are questions relating to data management on Prodigy for students who would like more practice.
  • Next, we will be looking at pencil and paper methods for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, and deciding which operation to use in a word problem.
  • We will also be exploring angles and using a protractor.


  • Students will be asked to create a media text that will highlight main ideas of energy conservation ideas that we explored on our trip.
  • Students will have an open book/ duotang science test on Thursday.  The notes students will be using are from work completed in class.

PA Day on Friday, March 2.

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