Week of February 5

Sunday, February 4, 2018

This week:

  • Homework due Thursday. Students have a survey to conduct with you about electricity habits that we will use in science and in math; we will create graphs and analyze the results.
  • Ski Trip to Moonstone: Tuesday  There will be classes together for students who are not attending. I will leave work for students who will be with Ms. Urfey’s class on an altered timetable.
  • Spectator Media Ads Competition our deadlines are extended until later this week. I’ll drop them off at the Spectator later this week.
  • Greenleaf Winter Olympics: Friday, Periods 3 and 4.  Students will be outside and need to dress warmly with full waterproof gear for activities in the snow.

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Upcoming: details to follow

  • February 14: Valentine’s Day dance period 5/6
  • February 16: Chinese Spring Rolls
  • February 19: Family Day
  • February 23: Skating, Spirit Day: Canada Day, wear red and white, Beavertails

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