Week of January 22

Saturday, January 20, 2018

January’s virtue is excellence.

Skating: Thursday. Grades 6-8 will skate first, leaving Greenleaf about 9:30 a.m.  We will return about 11.  Students who are skating need approved hockey helmets and mittens or gloves.  Students without both of these items will not be able to skate. Students staying at school will have an altered schedule.

Spectator photographer visit: As part of the Creative Kids Design an Ad competition, a photographer will be at Greenleaf  on Thursday (after skating!) to take pictures of the grade 6 classes at work. Please return the pink photo consent we sent home on Monday. Thanks for the ones already received!

PA Day on Friday!

Homework task this week: Due Thursday, January 25.  Students planned elements of a science fiction story, in small groups or individually.  This week’s homework is to write an important scene from the sci fi story planned. It should contain two sci fi narrative elements:

  • makes predictions about the future
  • contains scientific details that aren’t true yet
  • features alien or artificial/ robotic characters who experience human-like emotions and actions
  • has a message/ theme about the future that is relevant to our lives today

Students have a detailed sheet describing the homework task.  If students finish class work, they are invited to work on the homework writing. I’ve asked them to bring their writing to class, or use google docs for typing.

Math: we didn’t have a math quiz this week, and won’t next week. I’ll give students exit cards related to concepts learned in class. For example, yesterday students completed an exit card about how to find the area of a parallelogram, stapled to class work where the students drew a variety of parallelograms, identified the height and base, and used the formula to calculate the area.

Students will have an exit card next week about finding averages (mean median and mode).