June’s Virtue is Cooperation.

Teamwork QuotesTeamwork Quotes

Speaking of cooperation, 6A is trying to earn two more virtue vouchers for a reward. We’re so close- we discussed all working together to help achieve our goal! Cooperation and working together will help!

This week:

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  • Trip to Warplane Heritage Museum  Students need to bring a lunch. We’ll be leaving after attendance, and returning about 2:30 p.m.
  • Report Cards go home on Monday.  Please return the signed portions for filing with the report card.
  • Students will also bring home work from the year. Students who were here on Friday cleaned out their lockers- all they need at school is a pencil case and agenda.  Students who were not here on Friday will need to clean out their lockers on Monday.

Please help your child look at home for any classroom books- we are missing a few of our “SS novels.” Any Kenneth Oppel books or  science fiction novels we read earlier in the year would be appreciated. There are a few students who I’ve asked to look at home for library books as well.

Books I know we are looking for:

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  • Play Day periods 3 and 4   Students should be prepared to be outside for these two periods. They should have running shoes, hat/ sunglasses, and sunscreen.
  • Ice Cream Party– to say thank you for their service and helpfulness with school wide recycling all year. Students need to bring a bowl and spoon (can also be a container and utensils they can reuse from lunch).  I’ll be providing ice cream, whipped cream, mini marshmallows, gummies of some kind and sprinkles. Students voted to also have a Bring Your Own Candy option.

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  • Flight: we will be experimenting with paper airplanes, and trying some of the techniques we learned at the Warplane Museum to make the planes roll, loop or fly straight, by creating and manipulating parts of our plane.
  • If we earn a reward- we would have it on Wednesday.

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  • Last day of school!
  • Red and White Day– to celebrate upcoming Canada Day
  • End of year assembly
  • movie in the gym: Inside Out


June’ s virtue is Cooperation.

This week:

Monday: Trip to McMaster Sports Camp

Students should be prepared to be outside for a good part of the day. They should come dressed for the weather, bring a hat, sunscreen, lots of water, a litterless lunch and wear running shoes.  We plan to leave at 9:15 a.m. and be back at school about 2:30 p.m. Thanks to Ms. Marion for organizing this active opportunity for us!

Monday, June 25: Trip to Warplane Heritage Museum- Thank you for returning trip forms and payment, which are due by Wednesday, June 20.

Tuesday- Thursday: Presentations from students based on the space topics that they chose. Students have already chose the day they would like to present.  Their presentations should include  a visual element, writing they will hand in, and a 5 question multiple choice “quiz” for the class about their topic.  Students have had lots of class time over the last two weeks, and may get a bit of time to practise the speaking. I will be available at first breaks for any last minute finishing.

Wednesday: Cooking Demonstration. During class time, we have a visitor who will do a cooking demonstration for the class. The goal is to encourage healthy eating, using local ingredients, and making food in healthy ways.  Students will be invited to help with some of the preparation and cooking, and will have an opportunity to sample the two dishes if they choose.

Health ( Human Development) will start this week.  If you haven’t returned the purple form yet, please do so Monday. I can also accept a note for your child to participate in the class.

Math: we celebrated completing our last Math test of Grade 6 last week.  We will be learning long division this week.

SS/Language: Students have had time to make posts about their SS novel. All novels and posts should be complete by Friday. I will be collecting all books on Friday.  Please help your child look around at home for any books that should be returned to school.

Lockers: We will have a locker clean out on Friday, hoping to bring home most items so that next week’s locker clean out isn’t too painful!

As I have discussed with some students, we are….


June’s Virtue of the Month is Cooperation.

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Many forms:

  • Please return tan coloured trip forms for McMaster Sports Camp on June 18 ( forms are due on Wednesday).
  • Please read and return the bottom portion of the purple health form about upcoming Growth and Development lessons (forms due on Tuesday)
  • Please watch for upcoming forms for the trip to Warplane Heritage Museum on June 25; they will be handed out this week. Thanks to adults in both 6A and 6B who can come with us.

Curriculum: This week we will continue with the work students began while I was away last week.

Math: We will continue to review fractions, decimals and percents, especially ordering them  and using them to express probability. Students have a Math test on Wednesday.  We will be moving on to ratios, and long division next week.

Science/ Language: I will be conferencing with students about the research they did last week on their topic of interest related to Space. Time will be given to help students move forward to present to the class next week. They should present a visual element, have writing to hand in, and conduct a 5 question multiple choice “quiz” after their presentation. Students will have time to finish work not yet done.

SS/ Language: Students will be given time to read and make their blog posts about the novels they have chosen about a global issue.  Students will also have a chance to share with small groups what they have read and what they are learning from their book.


June’s Virtue is Cooperation.

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EQAO is done! Students really showed independence and diligence.  They worked purposefully and carefully on their assigned tests, and also showed consideration and respect after they finished for others who were still writing.

I will be away this week providing supervision for the Grade 8 trip to Kilcoo Camp. Students are aware that I have left specific tasks that will be assessed when I return.

Work this week:

Math: work focusing on review and problems for fractions, decimals and percents, as well as patterning and probability. We will have a test on Wednesday, June 12 on these math areas.

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Science/ Language: comparison writing about planets, researching and planning a presentation to the class about a topic related to space (their choice, although we are hoping to not have too much duplication). Students will hand in writing related to what they will say to the class, they will need to give the class a 5 question multiple choice quiz based on their presentation, and include a visual element, like a demonstration, experiment or slide show with pictures. Science information should be detailed.

Social Studies/ Language: reading about global issues, like poverty, war, water and/or food scarcity, effect of natural disasters, and refugees. In Learning Commons, students have been investigating different countries, what life is like there, who trading partners are and comparing them with Canada.  Next, they will be looking at NGOs (non governmental organizations) that assist with the issues they are reading about.

I have showed students how to make posts on our commons blog called Chapter Chat.  To access it, they can follow these steps:

  • search student hub (google HWDSB student hub)
  • select Commons, and log in using school account information (same as google apps, or “blue screen” at school)
  • select My Sites from options at top, then Chapter Chat
  • using menu on left, select Dashboard, All Posts
  • Select Add A New Post, or Edit Post
  • choose a category for their post

I have shown students how to save or publish their draft.  Students have a sheet in their novel studies duotangs with suggestions for posts, or can look in General Updates for the information.  Students can comment on their novel, or share information about the issues and events discussed in the historical fictional novel (e.g. look up information about a country, a natural disaster, include pictures, maps, short videos or articles, links etc).  Students can put their posts in a particular category under a novel title, by selecting the category on the right. I’ve asked students to complete two posts ( a minimum of 5 sentences) a week.  They have had time in school to start, and each day will have half an hour to read or make a post.

Please note: there will be no other homework tasks except to make posts on their novel, and read. 

Image result for PA day June 8 is a PA day. 

Other information: three forms went home this week. Students should  return them to the supply teacher in my room.  Schools Cash Online is available for payments.

  • Track Meet: students invited have received a green permission form from Ms. Marion that must be returned by Thursday, June 7, in order to attend on Tuesday, June 12.
  • McMaster Sports Camp: tan trip forms were handed out for the trip on Monday, June 18.  Forms and payment should be made by June 12.
  • Health forms: Students received a purple note about Growth and Development, which will be taught mid June. Please read and return the bottom portion by June 13.
  • Trip to Warplane Heritage Museum: while we have enough adult supervisors interested in coming with us on the trip, we are awaiting some of the Vulnerable Screening forms to come in to the office, without which we can’t accept the help of our volunteers. Hopefully we are a go, and our trip will be confirmed next week.  A big thank you to parents who returned the form and are helping us go out of school for some of our curriculum learning.

I have updated our June calendar as well.

Our room has been warm this past week, compared to other classrooms. Please note that the office and caretaking staff are aware, and are taking steps to address it.  We have fans in the room, and have sometimes moved to cooler rooms.  The cooler temperatures and lower humidity forecast for this week should make the classroom much more comfortable.

May’s Virtue is Helpfulness.

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6A will be writing EQAO tests this week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Any students who miss a test because of absence will be caught up during the week, or on Friday and Monday, June 4.  Students are really showing their diligence, determination and perseverance.

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I have asked students to

  • bring a reusable water bottle to use during test times
  • bring something to do if finished, like a reading book, magazine, drawing book, book of puzzles etc ( the room will remain quiet during the testing time, until students are finished)
  • have a good night’s sleep to aid in concentration and perseverance
  • eat a filling breakfast and bring nutritious lunches, especially first break, to aid in concentration and perseverance
  • not feel stressed or worried, but rather feel confident and try their best

We will not have homework tasks for the next two weeks while we are conducting EQAO tests.  The only work for students is to read their books which are related to our Social Studies work about global issues and connections.

During EQAO, math assessments will not be longer quizzes or tests, but rather shorter “entry cards” or “exit cards” of one to three questions based on smaller chunks or concepts. Right now, that would relate to patterning, fractions, decimals and percents, and probability.

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Warplane Heritage Museum: We have planned a trip for Grade 6 students to attend on June 25, as part of our science curriculum about Flight. During past trips, students have learned a lot from the “classroom” set up in the hangar to learn and experiment with properties of air and flight, and enjoyed a tour and stories about different planes in the museum.  A letter on pink paper was sent home last week, asking parents to let us know if they can volunteer to accompany us and if they have the “police check” which needs to be shared with the office. Without volunteers, we will have to cancel the trip. Please let us know if you can support the trip, so that we can continue with trip planning and permission forms. 


May’s Virtue is Helpfulness.


This week:

EQAO will be conducted at Greenleaf between Tuesday, May 29 to Monday, June 4.

6A will be writing EQAO tests this week on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Any students who miss a test because of absence will be caught up during the testing window.

I have asked students to

  • bring a reusable water bottle to use during test times
  • bring something to do if finished, like a reading book, magazine, drawing book, book of puzzles etc ( the room will remain quiet during the testing time, until students are finished)
  • have a good night’s sleep to aid in concentration and perseverance
  • eat a filling breakfast and bring nutritious lunches, especially first break, to aid in concentration and perseverance
  • not feel stressed or worried, but rather feel confident and try their best

We will not have homework tasks for the next two weeks while we are conducting EQAO tests.  The only work for students is to read their books which are related to our Social Studies work about global issues and connections.

During EQAO, math assessments will not be longer quizzes or tests, but rather shorter “entry cards” or “exit cards” of one to three questions based on smaller chunks or concepts. Right now, that would relate to patterning and fractions, decimals and percents.

I hope you and your family enjoyed the lovely weather and the long weekend!

May’s Virtue is Helpfulness.

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This week:

Homework: Due Thursday  Bring in 3- 5 items that represent the main character’s personality or experiences in the book that your child is reading. We will discuss and share with others in class on Thursday.

Reward: Friday period 6. Students have earned some reward time, which we will have on Friday, having earned another 15 virtue vouchers. We have been focusing on cooperative work, purposefulness, diligence and starting quickly as well.  Friday’s reward time was voted to be quiet time (I was surprised!). To allow many students’votes for other activities, students can bring in pillows and blankets; they can read, listen to music with earbuds, watch something on a device with earbuds, read, draw or use other art materials or sit quietly.  The goal is to have individual quiet time. Students can bring in a snack for themselves, if they choose.


SS:/ Language- to further our SS work about global connections, students can begin a new book. I’ve shared 5 sets of books with students that provides a context for world issues that countries and NGOs (Non-governmental organizations) support, like water scarcity, natural disasters, internal war, poverty and hunger, to name a few featured in these books.  Students can start when they have finished their Kenneth Oppel books or if they choose, they can begin now. In the next week, students can begin blogging and sharing what they have learned about the countries and issues featured in their books, and add other information they have learned.

Math: continued work about fractions

  • converting fractions to decimals and percents
  • making equivalent fractions
  • changing fractions from improper fractions to mixed numbers
  • reducing fractions to simplest terms

and beginning work about patterning

  • creating growing shape and number patterns
  • identifying the pattern rule
  • determining the number featured in any example in the pattern
  • representing the pattern with pictures, a table and a graph.

Assessment of these concepts will be with entry/exit cards (one or two questions) rather than longer quizzes or tests while we lead up to EQAO.

Science: Space, this week, comparison writing about planets. Students will eventually be choosing a topic of space that they would like to know more about, and preparing a mini presentation for the class. The presentation will involve something for students to do (e.g. demonstration, experiment, mini-quiz, picture/ concept match up etc).


EQAO: May 22- June 4.  Letters will be coming home this week about the 4 Language and 2 Math tests.  I try to promote student confidence by making sure students are familiar with the format, question style and types of tasks.  While we have been using EQAO math questions in class and in assessments throughout the year, we are looking now at Language tasks that are linked to the subject of space. We are discussing strategies that may help us with the tests. It is my goal that students feel confident, capable, and able to do their best. We have been writing longer assessments, and the students are able to work diligently and purposefully in test situations, as we have done all year.

I encourage students to make sure they eat healthy, filling breakfasts,  bring nutritious lunches and bring a reusable water bottle to use during writing periods.  Students are also encouraged to try to have a good night’s sleep during the tests to help stay focused and purposeful.  During this window, 6A will be writing tests either the first two periods, or the middle two periods of the day. We are arranging test times so that students will still take part in MAD, Phys-Ed, and French.

Please note: students who are absent will make up any missed tests during the testing window.

May’s Virtue is Helpfulness.

This week: 

Homework task: due Thursday. Students have an article to read about a mission to Mars.  Students have a sheet to write questions and answers about the article.  They also have a response to write about if they would have liked to apply for the mission or not, using ideas from the text and their own ideas.

Math Assessments:

End of unit Geometry test: Tuesday (angles, transformations, 2D shapes, drawing 2D shapes, 3D shapes, nets, drawing front, top, side views, based on EQAO assessments)

Measurement Math Quiz: Friday (postponed from last week) Surface Area and Volume of rectangular and triangular prisms.

Planetarium Trip:

We are going on Wednesday, from 12-2 p.m.  A big thank you to the two parents who volunteered, allowing us to attend. We will eat when we return, and have a break before last period.

Open House: Thursday, 5:30-7 p.m.

Your child’s portfolio of work from the year will be out for you to look through.  I will be supervising fundraising sales in the front foyer by the gym- please come by and say hello!

Also this week:

SS/ Language: continued work about trading partners and exploring global issues like refugees (Long Road Home narrative we are reading in class)

Math: this week we will begin work connecting fractions, decimals and percents, as ways to represent parts of a whole. We will finish work about surface area and volume of rectangular and triangular prisms.  Next week, we will continue with fractions, decimals and percents, as well as look at growing shape and number patterns, graphing those patterns, and recording them in a table.

Science/ Language: beginning to look at planets and other bodies in the night sky, and looking at using graphic organizers to compare them

  • Jump Rope for Heart/ Heart and Stroke Foundation donations are due now.
  • Scholastic Book Fair- Wednesday to Friday in the library, including Open House



May’s Virtue is Helpfulness.

This week: 

Monday: Planetarium trip forms and permission forms are due on Monday.  Schools Cash online is available for payment until midnight. Please let us know if you can accompany us to the McMaster Planetarium on May 9.

Wednesday: Presentations from Public Health about Vaping. We will be participating in the presentation and small group workshops periods 5 and 6.


Wednesday: Homework task due– it is a reading task from EQAO, called “Moon Trees,” which were grown from seedlings sent to Space. Students have a one page text to read, some multiple choice questions to answer, and two short answer responses.  I have also asked the students to write a summary of the text ( we have been working on summaries in class).

Friday: Jump Rope for Heart. Students will have two periods of skipping with intermediate students. They should have shoes and clothing appropriate to skip. Any donations (online, or sent in to school in the Jump Rope envelope) are due on Friday.

Open House: Thursday, May 10, from 5:30-7 p.m. 

Class work: 

Science/ Language: comparison writing and reading about bodies in space (planets, comets, meteroids, asteroids)

SS/ Language: learning about refugees, global issues through our reading of A Long Walk Home, reading responses

Math: We are moving from geometry/ 3D shapes to measurement/ surface area and volume. We have learned how to draw isometric drawings, views and nets of rectangular prisms, and use those diagrams to calculate the surface area of the 3D prism.  We will be calculating the surface area of triangular prisms and drawing nets of those prisms.  We will also be learning how to calculate the volume (how much space is inside the prism) by calculating the area of the base, and multiplying the area of the base by the height. Students will have a math check on Friday, about triangular prisms, surface area and volume. 



April’s Virtue is acceptance.

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Homework due Thursday: another practice EQAO writing task.  This week’s task is similar to last week’s task- a newspaper report about something found buried in the school yard. On Thursday, we made a list of success criteria about the writing task, and organized them into Ideas, Organization, Style and Voice and Language Conventions. Students then levelled their own work, and made suggestions for glows (strengths) and grows (next steps).  The goal this week is to keep in mind those success criteria when writing for this week’s task.

Planetarium Trip: on May 9.  Trip forms are due on April 30.  $6 payment can be sent into school or preferably made with Schools CashOnline.  Please let me know if you are available to accompany us. Thank you to Parent Council for subsidizing our trip!

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This week:

Yearbook orders are due on April 25. Orders can be made online, or send in the order form with cash or cheque. Yearbooks will not be available to buy in June.

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ThinkFirst presentation: on Wednesday.  This presentation by Public Health, for grades 6-8 students, promotes safe practices to prevent head and spinal cord injuries.

Jump Rope for Heart: donations can be collected now until May 4. Donations can be sent into school in the envelope, or can be made online (see the envelope for login information, or visit the Heart and Stroke Foundation).

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