November’s virtue is peacefulness.

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This week:

Picture Retakes: an additional session has been booked for Monday- there was not enough time for our students to have their pictures retaken last week. Please remember to register online or send back the photo package with the retake box ticked off if you would like photo retakes.

Health: 6A will have health instead of gym for the next two weeks. Our first topic from the health curriculum is Substance Use, Addictions, and Related Behaviours, with a specific focus on vaping and cannabis.  In two weeks, 6A will participate in Dance, with a dance workshop to help inspire their creativity.


  • Math Test (Patterning) on Monday. On Thursday, Students were asked to complete a patterning worksheet, and on Thursday night, finish the sheet and share their strategies for continuing the pattern, describing the pattern rule, and determining the operations for the input and output columns of a t-table.
  • Homework: Prodigy work (24 questions) due by Sunday, November 25.  I set these questions earlier in the week, and some students have completed them. We discussed the benefit of working on them before Monday’s test.
  • This week, we will be learning about algebra, discussing the terms “variable,” “constant,” and “equations.” We will link the use of variables and algebra to describe a pattern with an equation, and continue to use variables and equations in our next math unit. We will be exploring measurement, specifically metric measurements, conversions between linear units, perimeter and area.

Language: we have been using picture books to write summaries, identify main ideas of a text, and to identify explicit and implicit messages in media (in this case, the picture book). Students will begin presenting their books this week, reading aloud part of their book as well as sharing main ideas.

Google Slides media homework: last week’s media homework was to contribute a slide to a google slide show that I shared with students. The work was assigned a week ago and due on Friday. Many students who had not started or finished their work were invited to stay in at break to complete the slide. I have commented on all slides completed by Friday (comments begin with each student’s name) and students are encouraged to read comments and revise work as needed. Many students are also encouraged to go back to the beginning slides we discussed in class, that provide instructions and examples, to make sure they include all required information. I will continue to check for completed and revised work over the weekend, so students who have not finished should do so!  The goal of this work was to evaluate a media image, and choose one with clear explicit and implicit messages related to Remembrance Day and appropriate themes (see instructional slides). Whenever there is homework, I am happy for parents to support and provide feedback- perhaps ask your child to discuss with you their slide, the comments I made, and perhaps some of the work their friends completed. Students who made a new slide show instead of adding to the class one need to share it with me so I can access it, and make sure they check back to the instructions included at the start of the slide show I shared with them.

Social Studies: We will begin our books this week. Students will have time to read in class, but also will need to read at home. Students will be required to read two books before the Christmas break, and complete related work and discussion about the global issues presented in their novels and non-fiction texts.

Science: students should have finished research, and are creating a plan to present two “textbook pages”about the environmental issue they chose. They will complete this assignment with Ms. W in the computer lab during their scheduled Learning Commons time.

Some other notes from class:

  • Peacefulness: Our class is currently discussing and setting goals for how we can instill greater peacefulness in our class, and contribute to a more peaceful environment in our school.  Students made many thoughtful connections to other virtues that help us be more peaceful, and virtues needed to create more peacefulness in our time at school.
  • Hands on: We have discussed hands on behaviour, which keeps popping up at lunch times, inside and outside. Junior and intermediate students have had a clear message from our principals as well about hands on actions and activities. There are also injuries related to rough play around the use of equipment like soccer and football games. What I have noticed among grade 6 students is what starts as “playing around” and games often goes too far (eg. tripping people, headlocks). Students also understand that if someone initiates hands on with them, they are to walk away and talk to a teacher, rather than engage as well.  Please feel free to let me know if you would like to discuss this with me further.
  • Nuts: Please remember that lunch products that contain nuts should not be included as part of a school lunch. Please check Hallowe’en candy (if there is any left!) if you are including it in lunches to make sure it is nut free.
  • We’ve also been discussing some notes that are left for other students or about other students. We seem to be in agreement that while they might seem funny, they are not for the students who receive them, and we want to create an environment of inclusivity, respect and friendliness for all of us.

Poinsettia orders are due on Friday! 

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Some information about the Bulldogs trip on Wednesday: 

  • Students not attending will join a grade 8 class with work from me and Ms. S to complete until we return. They will follow the grade 8 timetable and eat in Ms. S’s room.


  • Students attending: The bus taking us to the game will leave at 9:15 a.m.  Students have been asked to come up to their classrooms at 8:50 or when they arrive to school so attendance can be taken. Students arriving after 9:15 will be staying at school! If your child usually arrives on the “late bus” in the morning, you may wish to make alternate arrangements on Wednesday.

Students should…

-leave valuables at home. This includes electronic devices. In accordance with school rules, students are asked to have them off in their lockers during the school part of the day, including the trip.

-bring a lunch and refillable water bottle, which they can bring in a backpack.  Please note we have been told there will be limited concessions available, and thousands of students are attending. Everybody should have a lunch. The concessions seem to be very expensive, and long lines are expected. We are not expecting opportunities to buy team clothing and souvenirs.  Students are responsible for their own money if they bring any.

There are three contests during the game:

  1. most black and gold worn (team colours)
  2. best posters (students can make at home, but will need to carry it themselves, including on the bus and to seats)
  3. the best dance moves

We will be home before the end of the day. We cannot predict the time because of the logistics of students and buses leaving the event; we are the “third wave.”

Thank you to Ms. Marion for organizing this trip! 

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November’s Virtue is Peacefulness.

17 Quotes About Finding Inner Peace

This week:

Homework: due on Friday, November 16 

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Task: to contribute to a google slide show, sharing and discussing images relating to Remembrance Day and and related themes.

I have shared a link with every student to access the slide show. The first few slides explain the assignment and provide tips and examples, which we looked at together in class. Students need to find an image, and discuss what they observe, then the explicit (clearly stated) messages and ideas and the implicit (use clues, make connections to determine) messages and ideas. There are some level 4 examples I have created, and a good example from a student last year. Students need to add a blank slide and insert their images and ideas in text boxes.

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Pointsettia Orders: Parent Council has provided order forms for this fundraiser (partnered with Terra), which were sent home this week. Orders are due on Tuesday (I think- forgot to bring one home!)  They are always beautiful- please consider supporting parent council if you purchase these seasonal plants. You can find more information on the AAG website.

Image result for picture retake dayPicture Retake Day is on Tuesday.

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Bulldogs game: Wednesday

Students who are attending will have a meeting with Ms. Marion this week to learn more about the schedule for the day.  Apparently some concessions will be open (perhaps not what would usually be available for a night game) but Ms.  Marion has said that they seem pretty expensive. All students should bring a lunch and drink, preferably in reusable containers so that waste can be taken home for recycling and composted in the green bin. Students may find that they are waiting in long lines for concessions, and miss a lot of the game!

Students who are not attending will be in a combined class, and I will leave activities for them to do.

Book Collection: student council is collecting used books in good condition to donate to an education centre in Kenya. Please see the eblasts emailed to subscribers each night for more specific information. Please send in book donations to the library by November 15.

Class work this week:

Math: We will continue our work with growing patterns (putting in a t-table, describing the pattern rule, creating ordered pairs and graphing them, as well as identifying the operations to create the pattern- from the input side to the output side).  We will begin making links to algebra, and discussing variables as letters and symbols that we use to represent an unknown value, and solving expressions with a variable.

Language: Students will continue to identify main ideas and learning from the picture books they read, and prepare a 5-10 minute presentation about their book, including reading parts of the book to the class. We  might start presentations this week if groups are ready.

Science: We will discuss conventions of a textbook page. Students will organize their reading and research about environmental issues that humans have impacted.  They will continue this work in their Learning Commons time with Ms. W.

Social Studies:  Our reading and discussions about the Holocaust will lead into our SS work about migrations in the world and why people move.  Students will have an opportunity to look at books they might want to read that explore global issues that contribute to why families move from their homes. I have novels related to migrations (examples: because of access to water, safety and avoiding war, refugees, the Holocaust) as well as other global issues (examples: poverty, effect of natural disasters). While I will make sure students have time in class to read, they will definitely need to be reading these books at home as well.  Our work will make connections between the novel and historical events, trying to learn more about the issues, and the Non-Governmental Organizations that provide support around the world.






November’s Virtue is Peacefulness.

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Progress Reports:  Please send back the envelope and the signed portion of the progress report. I appreciate the time you have given to meet and discuss your child’s progress and learning skills.

If I didn’t meet with you on Thursday or Friday, I will be sending home this week some observations from a recent reading assessment (DRA).  I hope to send an updated copy with the term 1 report card. The Reading assessment allows me to set goals for your child, relating to reading aloud, and for comprehension, as well as written responses.  It also allows me to set class goals and provide direction for teaching of reading.

This week:

Homework: Science reading  due Monday. Students chose a page (two sided) about large issues that effect the environment, and the effect that people have on the environment.  Students have had time in class to read the pages and highlight main ideas.  They have had time to begin to record the key points in a web, using jot notes.  We will use these notes as a launching point for creating our own “textbook page” about an issue that humans impact in the environment. We will begin further research this week.

Language: We will be reading and presenting picture books about the Holocaust and war in groups. We will be summarizing the text, determining the main message and theme, and providing specific examples to back up our opinions.  We will be discussing explicit and implicit messages in the text, and using those messages to infer.  We will be evaluating the book as a media text, commenting on the message, and the tools and conventions the book used.  Also, students will have the opportunity to revise their narratives based on comments I have given them in their google doc.

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Please note that Greenleaf’s Remembrance Day Assembly will on Thursday first period (may run into second period) this week.

Math: Patterning We will be exploring growing patterns. We will be able to represent a shape pattern in a t-table, as ordered pairs, and use those ordered pairs to graph the pattern. We will be able to describe the pattern rule. We will also identify operations used to create the terms of the pattern  (e.g. what would the 1oth term be? the 50th? the 1ooth? )

Yay for one more hour of sleep! 

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Have a good weekend. 



October’s Virtue is Courtesy.

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This week:

Hallowe’en Festivities

  • Hallowe’en for Hunger Food Drive: Please send in non-perishable food items for the Flamborough Food Bank.
  • Candygrams are on sale this week to be delivered on Wednesday.
  • Pumpkin Carving: each class will contribute a jack o lantern for Wednesday. We will carve Tuesday at breaks; I will be asking students for designs.
  • Hallowe’en Funraiser and Dance: Wednesday, period 5 and 6.  Please send in any fundraising by Wednesday for parent council initiatives.  Students can wear costumes for the dance.  We discussed that costumes should be inclusive (not offensive) and safe;  parts of costumes that are weapons should be left at home (e.g. swords, guns etc).

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Progress Reports and Interviews

  • Progress reports will be handed out on Tuesday.
  • Parent-Teacher conferences will be Thursday evening and Friday morning.
  • PA day on Friday
  • Please book your conference time online at  Please book before Thursday at noon.
  • Please send back the envelope and signed part of the progress report, or bring to your conference.

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PA day on Friday.

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Tuesday, October 30, period 1 and 2: We have two authors coming to speak to grades 5-8 students about a mature picture book they wrote about their family experiences during the Holocaust. Students were given a note last week about the visit. Students can choose to buy a copy and have it signed by the author (please send in  $19 in cash or cheque made out to Second Story Press).  We are fortunate to have this opportunity to hear authors speak about their work as well as learn about this tragic time in our world’s history.

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Homework: To finish the math work assigned on Prodigy. Students may have had time to work on this assignment about prime and composite numbers after completing their narratives.  The due date has been extended until November 2.  Students have their log in information and should complete at home in lieu of a weekly homework assignment. There are about 30 questions. There are a few students who have not finished or brought to school their invasive species posters for Science- those should be finished and brought to school.

Scientists in Schools:

We enjoyed learning more about how scientists classify organisms. We observed vertebrates and invertebrates with samples the instructor brought in, and used microscopes to learn about monera and protist kingdoms.

See below for some pictures from our workshop! Thank you for your support to bring some hands on learning, exploration and enthusiasm to our science work!



October’s Virtue is Courtesy.

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This week:

  • Homework: Invasive Species poster due on Thursday. No more class time will be provided (students who have finished other work may choose to work on it). We’ve had at least a period a day for the last two weeks.  Please note the due date was adjusted to this week after my absences.  Students with a lot of work still to do may have been away themselves, or will be catching up if class time has not been productive.

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  • Scientists in Schools: Wednesday. Thank you for your payment! Schools CashOnline closes tonight (Sunday) at midnight. If you miss it, please send your payment in tomorrow (Monday morning).


Curriculum work:

Math: we will finish Order of Operations with a math quiz on Friday. We will begin work on Patterning this week, creating growing patterns with shapes and numbers, displaying them in a t-table and graphing the results.

Math/ Prodigy: students have been assigned questions relating to prime numbers, composite numbers, factors and multiples. They can work on them when class time permits, but will also work on them at home.  They should be finished by October 28.

Science: In addition to our Scientists in Schools workshop, we will be exploring ecosystems where humans have had an impact.

Language: I am hoping to complete our reading assessment, and students to complete their narratives to hand in.

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  • Hallowe’en Funraiser: A letter about this parent council initiative will be sent home on Monday.



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  • Progress Report Cards will be sent home on Tuesday, October 30.
  • Parent-Teacher conferences  for the progress report cards will be Thursday November 1 (evening) and Friday November 2 (morning).
  • Online booking for appointments begins  this Wednesday. 


Please follow the instructions below, which will also be sent home tomorrow, and featured on the school’s email blast on Tuesday.  If you are unable to access the site at home, I can book for you, but please be aware I will be using the online system and booking with what’s available after school each day. Please let me know if you would like this option and what times work best for you. I can only book appointments with me; trying to schedule appointments with other teachers works best with the online system.


Booking your Parent Teacher Conference – Thursday Nov. 1 and Friday Nov.2

  • 1. Go to our school appointments web site:
  • 2. Register for an account by clicking the “REGISTER” menu tab and filling in the on-line form. Choose a user id and password for yourself and then click the “Register Now” button.
  • 3. Add your children into the system by clicking the “Add a Student” button. Click “Insert New” button to add more children.
  • 4. Click the “date” icon beside each child’s name to schedule appointments. Select the staff you wish to book appointments with and the “View Calendars” button. Use the “Ctrl” or “Command” key to select multiple staff to view at the same time.
  • 5. Click on available time slots to book your appointments and then click the “Book Appointments” button to save your bookings.
  • 6. Booking @ : opens Wednesday, October 24th, and closes at noon on Thursday November 1st . Please make sure that you book before this time.

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October’s Virtue is Courtesy.

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Important Dates this week:

Sunday: Place orders for this week’s subs and pitas by Sunday at noon.  Visit to place orders for this week or future.

Monday: Postponed math test from Friday (place value, multiples, factors, prime and composite numbers, divisibility rules to help find factors).

Monday: Homework due

  • Research for invasive species (students have a chart, and have had three periods of class time this week to research)
  • Plan for poster about 2 invasive species (one invertebrate and one other organism) The plan should factor in layout, lettering style, headings, location of text boxes and rough sketches of images.
  • Students will have time in class to work on their final draft of the poster, which will probably be due on Friday.  Students should have their chart and marks sheet for their poster in their writing folder, which they should have with them to finish.

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Friday: Picture Day


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Scientists in Schools: We will be participating in a hands on workshop on Wednesday, October 24.  A letter will go home tomorrow about the workshop and other trip planning. The workshop will cost $7 per student. Cash online will open on Monday, or cash and cheque can be sent in.

October’s Virtue is Courtesy.

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This Week: 

Subs (Wednesday) and Pitas (Thursday) begin this week. Orders for this week due by Sun, October 7 at noon. visit to place orders for this week or future.

Pizza orders due Tuesday October 9. Please use Schools CashOnline if you can; you do not need to send in the order form if you completed your order online.

Athletic Wear: due Thursday, October 11.  Students need to change for gym.  Greenleaf t-shirts can be ordered using this form. Please use Cash Online.  I think you need to return the order form for colour and size choices. Students can still bring a change of clothes and shoes while you await the tshirt delivery.

Bulldogs permission forms and payments due on Friday, October 12. Grades 4-6 are invited to attend a Hamilton Bulldog’s hockey game, and received permission form on Friday. Payments can be made using CashOnline, and the signed permission form returned to school. Please consider volunteering to come with us; remember you need to have a completed “Vulnerable Sector Screening”( “police check”) handed in to the office to volunteer. Please note: NO LATE PERMISSION FORMS/ PAYMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Science: We have been learning about invertebrates, and students have had time to draw and research for their second trading card about an invertebrate. Trading Cards are due on Wednesday. We discussed the Media part in class, and how to make sure our cards attract a viewer’s attention. We also discussed the kind of details to include in this trading card. We will be learning about invasive species this week as well.

Math: We will have a math quiz on Friday about multiples, factors and prime and composite numbers.  There will probably also be a question or two about place value.  We will begin work about order of operations.

Language: We will be completing a reading assessment this week and next week  (DRA) where the students will read a portion of a text aloud to me, then read the rest to themselves and complete some comprehension questions.

The school has a new timetable as a result of reorganization.  Our new timetable is already in effect. One significant change is 6A’s gym periods are now Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5. We recommend that students bring gym clothes on Monday and take home at a minimum by Friday for washing.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Subs and Pitas begin this week. If you wish your child to receive a Subway sub on Wednesday, or Pita Pit pita on Thursday, the orders must be completed by Sunday at noon.

Students received a note on Friday  if they were interested in subs and pitas.  To order, visit the website below to create or update your account.  Orders can be placed in advance, or changed- all orders must be placed or changed by noon the Sunday of delivery week.


Image result for lunchbox orders

From a email I received from having an account last year:

Lunch delivery is scheduled to begin Wednesday, October 10.

Please note:

  • Orders must be placed by Sunday, October 7th at 12pm (NOON) for the first delivery.
  • In placing your first order for this school year, please ADD your child with his/her NEW grade and teacher for the current school year.
  • All order updates and cancellations must be confirmed by Sunday at noon.

Pizza Days!

Students were given a handout on Friday. Pizza Days are Mondays at second break. This session is October 15-February 11.  Orders and payment are due by October 9th.  Cash Online is preferred; if you pay this way there is no need to return the order form. Otherwise, orders and payment can be brought into class, or handed in at the office.

Students have a “pocket” in the classroom where we put notes, work, homework etc that was handed out if a student was away.  Students can check their pockets for notes etc when they return.  There are some pizza notes waiting for a couple of students who were away on Friday.