October’s Virtue is Courtesy.

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Important Dates this week:

Sunday: Place orders for this week’s subs and pitas by Sunday at noon.  Visit https://www.lunchboxorders.net to place orders for this week or future.

Monday: Postponed math test from Friday (place value, multiples, factors, prime and composite numbers, divisibility rules to help find factors).

Monday: Homework due

  • Research for invasive species (students have a chart, and have had three periods of class time this week to research)
  • Plan for poster about 2 invasive species (one invertebrate and one other organism) The plan should factor in layout, lettering style, headings, location of text boxes and rough sketches of images.
  • Students will have time in class to work on their final draft of the poster, which will probably be due on Friday.  Students should have their chart and marks sheet for their poster in their writing folder, which they should have with them to finish.

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Friday: Picture Day


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Scientists in Schools: We will be participating in a hands on workshop on Wednesday, October 24.  A letter will go home tomorrow about the workshop and other trip planning. The workshop will cost $7 per student. Cash online will open on Monday, or cash and cheque can be sent in.

October’s Virtue is Courtesy.

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This Week: 

Subs (Wednesday) and Pitas (Thursday) begin this week. Orders for this week due by Sun, October 7 at noon. visit https://www.lunchboxorders.net to place orders for this week or future.

Pizza orders due Tuesday October 9. Please use Schools CashOnline if you can; you do not need to send in the order form if you completed your order online.

Athletic Wear: due Thursday, October 11.  Students need to change for gym.  Greenleaf t-shirts can be ordered using this form. Please use Cash Online.  I think you need to return the order form for colour and size choices. Students can still bring a change of clothes and shoes while you await the tshirt delivery.

Bulldogs permission forms and payments due on Friday, October 12. Grades 4-6 are invited to attend a Hamilton Bulldog’s hockey game, and received permission form on Friday. Payments can be made using CashOnline, and the signed permission form returned to school. Please consider volunteering to come with us; remember you need to have a completed “Vulnerable Sector Screening”( “police check”) handed in to the office to volunteer. Please note: NO LATE PERMISSION FORMS/ PAYMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Science: We have been learning about invertebrates, and students have had time to draw and research for their second trading card about an invertebrate. Trading Cards are due on Wednesday. We discussed the Media part in class, and how to make sure our cards attract a viewer’s attention. We also discussed the kind of details to include in this trading card. We will be learning about invasive species this week as well.

Math: We will have a math quiz on Friday about multiples, factors and prime and composite numbers.  There will probably also be a question or two about place value.  We will begin work about order of operations.

Language: We will be completing a reading assessment this week and next week  (DRA) where the students will read a portion of a text aloud to me, then read the rest to themselves and complete some comprehension questions.

The school has a new timetable as a result of reorganization.  Our new timetable is already in effect. One significant change is 6A’s gym periods are now Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5. We recommend that students bring gym clothes on Monday and take home at a minimum by Friday for washing.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Subs and Pitas begin this week. If you wish your child to receive a Subway sub on Wednesday, or Pita Pit pita on Thursday, the orders must be completed by Sunday at noon.

Students received a note on Friday  if they were interested in subs and pitas.  To order, visit the website below to create or update your account.  Orders can be placed in advance, or changed- all orders must be placed or changed by noon the Sunday of delivery week.


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From a email I received from having an account last year:

Lunch delivery is scheduled to begin Wednesday, October 10.


Please note:

  • Orders must be placed by Sunday, October 7th at 12pm (NOON) for the first delivery.
  • In placing your first order for this school year, please ADD your child with his/her NEW grade and teacher for the current school year.
  • All order updates and cancellations must be confirmed by Sunday at noon.

Pizza Days!

Students were given a handout on Friday. Pizza Days are Mondays at second break. This session is October 15-February 11.  Orders and payment are due by October 9th.  Cash Online is preferred; if you pay this way there is no need to return the order form. Otherwise, orders and payment can be brought into class, or handed in at the office.

Students have a “pocket” in the classroom where we put notes, work, homework etc that was handed out if a student was away.  Students can check their pockets for notes etc when they return.  There are some pizza notes waiting for a couple of students who were away on Friday.


October’s Virtue is Courtesy.

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Upcoming dates:

  • Greenleaf Celebrates: The “Meet the Teacher” event is this Thursday, from 5:30-7.
  • Thanksgiving: Holiday on Monday October 8
  • Cross Country Meet: Grades 3-8, on Thursday, October 11

Science: Students will be working on a card about invertebrates next week. Students will get class time for research and working on the card; a due date will be assigned next week.

Math: We are learning about the difference between prime numbers, composite numbers, factors and multiples.E.g.

  • Multiples are the product of two numbers, multiplied together. 20 is a multiple of 4 (20 is in the 4 times tables). Multiples are bigger than the number we are talking about.
  • Factors are numbers that we can multiply to make a product. 4 and 5 are factors of 20. Factors are smaller than the number we are talking about.  1, 20, 2, 10, 4 and 5 are all factors of 20.
  • Composite numbers have three or more factors. 20 is a composite number
  • Prime numbers have only two factors, 1 and itself. 11 is a prime number because its only factors are only 1 and 11.

We will be moving on to order of operations in number expressions and equations.

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On Friday, students reactivated or created a Prodigy account.  Once everyone is logged in to our class, I can assign questions and topics to practise and assess what we’ve learned in school.  Students can use their school board login to access their account or students can access previous accounts (to save prizes etc). When logged in, students should click “update” then enter our Class Code: 70D6C4.  I can create accounts for anyone having difficulty.

Junior Volleyball tryouts are happening soon: interested students need to listen to announcements for tryouts and meetings.

September’s virtue is Respect.

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I am sure all students enjoyed the PA day on Friday!

This week:

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Science Trading Cards due on Wednesday Students have chosen a living thing. On a “trading card,” students will include a picture and name of the animal, and on the back facts they researched about the living thing.  We discussed looking for information relating to how scientists might differentiate this living thing from another.  Time was given in class for research, and each student received a trading card on Friday.

Math: worksheet about multiples and common multiples due on Monday. 

Multiples are numbers in a particular timestable. Students can skip count or use timestables to find the multiples.  Eg. Multiples of 3 include 3, 6, 9, 30, 60, 66 etc. Common multiples are multiples common to more than one set.  Common multiples of 2 and 5 are 10, 20, 30, 100, 450 etc.

Students had time in class to work on this sheet, and should be almost complete.  We discussed that regular timetable practice, especially if students are still learning them, will help a lot with math confidence, ability to understand and efficiency in solving math problems.

Coming up: We will be moving on to identifying factors of a number, and prime and composite numbers.

Science: sorting items- record in two different ways, due Monday. We discussed using objective criteria that everyone would understand and be able to use.  Students had time in class to begin and possibly complete.

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Friday, September 28th ~ Allan A Greenleaf’s Annual Terry Fox Run/ Walk and Get Acquainted Day  Notes with the following information will be sent home on Monday.

Come dressed for play day fun!  Students at Greenleaf will be participating in our annual Terry Fox Run/ Walk and Get Acquainted Day on Friday Sept. 28th.  We will be having our run/ walk in the morning, followed by a play day for students in grades 1-8 during the middle block.  Pledge forms for Terry Fox are in your child’s agenda.  You can also donate online at:


Pizza, chips and juice are also available for lunch at 2nd break.  All lunches must be preordered using our cash online system by Wednesday, September 26th.  All proceeds will be donated to the Terry Fox Run.

Thank you if you have resubscribed to 6A’s blog. This morning, I checked the subscribers to the page… and it appears that the parents who had subscribed have now reappeared! If you received this message- things must be working! I will make a post as usual for the week ahead on Friday or Saturday; you should receive a link to to that post.  If you have, we are good!

I wish I could say I understand… but I don’t.  If you have received links to each blog, despite what appeared to be to zero subscribers last week, please let me know.

If this is your first time subscribing, thanks for joining 6A’s blog. If parents are having difficulty subscribing, I can enter email addresses  – please let me know.

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September’s Virtue is Respect.

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Thank you for returning the forms that needed your signature.   This week students were given a white sheet with your child’s school information- please update and correct as needed, or write no changes on it and send back to school.

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Thank you also to parents who have sent in a box or two of tissues for classroom use.  If you haven’t sent in any, please consider doing so-  many students are appreciative when cold season starts!


This Week:

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PA Day: Friday September 21

Math Quiz: Tuesday, September 18, place value, reading and writing numbers in the millions, comparing and ordering large numbers

Science: We will be discussing sorting and classifying living things. We will explore criteria scientists use to classify and begin by classifying different items. I have asked students to bring in…

Wed: 10-20 items from home to sort

Thurs: 5 + leaves/ needles from trees to classify in class. I have asked students to bring in the stem the leaf/ needle is on to help with classifying- sometimes the arrangement on the stem helps with the classifying we will do. I will bring some in as well.

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Gym clothes: students have gym three times a week. In Grade 6, students are expected to change for gym class. Greenleaf shirts will be available for order at the Greenleaf Celebrates/ Meet the Teacher evening the first week of October. Until then, students can bring different clothing for changing, and have clean and dry shoes for gym. Clothing should be comfortable, appropriate for physical activity and fit with dress code guidelines (you can read them in the front pages of the agenda).  We also recommend a kit bag of some sort to carry items! This helps organization in the changeroom, classroom and for quick locker visits.



Thank you for visiting 6A’s blog- news about what’s happening in our classroom. To subscribe, please use the options on the right of the page to get an email when a new post is made.  I usually post once a week, at the end of the week for a look at what’s coming for the week ahead.

September’s Virtue is Respect.

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Greenleaf Celebrates: Thursday, October 4, 5:30-7 p.m.  More detailed information about some of the other goings at this “Meet the Teacher” event can be found in the letter from School (parent) Council letter that students received this week. Please consider subscribing to their information to stay informed of School Council activities- you can do that here.

I hope to call and introduce myself to you sometime in the next two weeks; I have begun making phone calls to say hello, and look forward to speaking with you soon.

Homework: Math Task due Tuesday.  Students received a 1/2 sized sheet to remind them about the task which continues an activity we did in class.  The task is to find five large numbers and what they represent. These numbers can be found from the newspaper, magazines, or found online. I shared a fact I found online from National Geographic for kids about the number of kilograms a blue whale calf weighs after 365 days.  We’ll use this work in class on Tuesday.

School Supplies: Monday  I’ve asked students to have binders, dividers, paper, pencil case etc. for Monday.  I’ve also asked students to have a double pocket folder to use as a homework folder. I’ve offered to staple them in the back of the agenda. I showed students my own that I use; students can put homework from any subject, notes, other important papers that need to go home or be brought back to school quickly in the pockets.  Hopefully this means students don’t need to take home several large binders a night! (Although bringing them home occasionally for organizing is a good idea!)

Notes to be signed: Students got many notes this week. Please read through and return them to school this week, by Friday at the latest.

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Reading: All students on Friday had a reading book.  I’ve explained that students always have reading homework: to read a minimum of 20 minutes a night. Many students said they read more than that, and many said they read 20 minutes most nights.  Hopefully 20 minutes is an achievable goal that isn’t too onerous for students who do not yet read regularly. I find this image interesting to visualize the benefits of frequent reading- click on it to enlarge it.

Going out for lunch:  Students in grade 6, 7 and 8 are permitted to go out for lunch second break with parents’ permission.  Students can bring in a dated note for permission and show the office when they sign out. Students going out for lunch should sign out and leave at the start of lunch break, return and sign in again after 1:40 and be in class on time at 1:45.  Food should be finished before returning to school.

Curriculum work:

We had a busy first week!  Students had many opportunities to work together and I could learn how everyone likes to work through many collaborative activities. Our class will continue to review virtues, routines, and skills that will make collaborative work productive and successful.

Language: Students will be introduced to reading and writing workshops this week.  Students will have time to read and write every day.

Science: Our first unit is Biodiversity. We are exploring characteristics of living things, and how scientists classify living things.

Math: Large Numbers (into millions) and place value.

Welcome to Class 6A and grade 6!

Thank you for taking the time to visit this blog. I will use this space, usually once a week, to post information about what we are learning in class, due dates, quiz dates and homework assignments. I will post about school happenings and dates as well. Please see the calendar (tab at the the top) which I will keep updated with class and school information.

I usually post on the weekends. You can subscribe to our class blog on the right hand side of the page to receive an email link to follow when a new post has been made. While students will have an agenda to record information, many parents have said they find it helpful to know what is going on so that they can support their child’s independence without being in the dark!  Please sign student agendas frequently, and at least once a week. I will do the same, and students can bring agendas up to me at any time if you have a note or question. Please feel welcome to write in the agenda as needed.

This week: Students will receive agendas and many notes for your information and your signature to return to school. These will include emergency contacts and health information, as well as photo consent, and a paper copy of September’s  school newsletter.  Please read and sign all the forms required and send back to class. I have a “Notes for Ms. S box” that students can use for forms etc. You can subscribe to Greenleaf’s school newsletter at


to receive future newsletters, which will only be online.  You will receive an email with the link to newsletters and other school postings.

Students will also receive a list for suggested class materials. While many students may have bought general supplies already, I would like students to have a binder (1 or 1/2 inch) and 5 dividers.  Students should have timetables for their agenda, lockers, and one for home too.



I’m looking forward to meeting you at the “Meet the Teacher” night. I will post more information about the evening when I get the date.

I hope your child is enjoying their first week of Grade 6! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

Jan Steinberg